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Home Fitness Re-imagined

Over a 3 year period Adapt has created, a resistance-based cable trainer that enables a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home.

How do we do it?

The X1 weighs just over 4kg yet can output the equivalent of 6 dumbbell weights in a package that takes up very little space on your wall.

We spent countless hours developing a world wide patented gas struct, gear and cable combination to deliver a world-first strut technology cable pulley gym.

The X1 takes up a fraction of the space of regular equipment and looks great in almost any environment

Compact, lightweight, innovative, adjustable, space-efficient, strong, sleek, and affordable, the Adapt X1 Cable Trainer puts over 50 unique exercises and over 100 combinations at your disposal. Absolutely ideal for a resistance-based routine, it mounts on the wall and takes up precious little room. Installation and removal is a breeze, as is switching between the different weight and height settings. Once you’re up and running, you can use the X1 for in-home strength exercises, muscle building, core development, cardio, cross-training, and even as part of your Pilates routine.

Adapt founder Myles Kelly developed the X1 with the direct purpose of putting a gym workout experience inside your home. However, don’t take that to mean you’ll be feeling cramped as you partake in a quality resistance-based routine. On the contrary, the X1’s minimalist profile blends right in with virtually any modern decor. The equipment can also be removed in a manner of seconds and conveniently stowed away for later use.

We have created a number of exercise videos, which are available on this site and YouTube, designed to yield maximum results.

Delivery is both fast and free, with the product arriving at your door within 1-2 days. At just AU$429, this thing is the perfect solution to all your home workout needs.

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