ADAPT Cable Trainer Pack

ADAPT Cable Trainer Pack

$449.00 AUD

One machine for a stronger, healthier you... 

The ADAPT Cable Trainer includes everything you need to immediately transform your workouts.  The space saving design, sleek wall track and patented hydraulic-strut resistance system enables 100's of exercise combinations in home, apartment and studio. 

ADAPT is ready for exercise when you are!

Included in pack:

  • ADAPT - 6 weight settings of 2kg-13.5kg (5lb-30lb)
  • TRACK - 9 height selections across 1.5m (5ft)
  • CABLE - 1.4m (4.6ft) of cable length extension
  • HANDLE - Targets upper body movements
  • ROPE - Used for arms, abs and core exercises
  • ANKLE - Isolates quads, glutes and hamstrings
  • GUIDE - Instructions for immediate setup and use
  • INSTALL - Screws, drill bits and guide for quick install
  • WORKOUTS - Free access to all ADAPT workouts and videos


      12 month