The Resistance Revolution

The X1 is a new way to TONE, SCULPT and STRENGTH train in the home

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Space Saving Design

The X1 will take up a fraction of the space of conventional equipment

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Total body workout system

The X1 brings dynamic workouts to your home

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We're bringing workouts home

Resistance training has largely been unchanged for a century, until now.  We've managed to combine an aesthetic space saving design with a revolutionary super smooth and quiet resistance delivery mechanism. The response so far has been amazing. Join The Resistance Revolution today..


Compact, convenient and lightweight

Weight just under 4kg the unit can be easily removed and stored wherever convenient if you don't want to keep it on the wall. Bring it out when you're ready for a workout and its on the track in seconds, ready for your next workout


So many different exercises can be performed on this one piece of equipment. I am sure this will get lots of use. I like that it can be flipped upside down and moved to various heights!

I bought this as I have a shoulder injury. It allows me to do resistance training from home without the stress of getting to a gym. Love it!

I can't believe how smooth and quiet this product is! I am working out every morning and absolutely loving this. It looks so good I just leave it on the wall

Full body workout

The X1 delivers a full body and highly adaptable workout from the comfort of your own home. With over 50 exercises and over a 100 workout combinations the X1 enables a full body training experience.

We've professionally designed 8 routines as a guide with the X1 to tone, sculpt and strengthen you with amazing full body workouts.

6 Selections of Constant Force

With a simple rotation of the selector, you quickly engage a new weight setting. Constant Force is like nothing you've experienced before. There are no free kicks with the smooth and quiet X1 gas strut technology.

The X1 delivers a smooth and constant weight each and every rep to maximise your workouts. Providing resistance in this way gives you a muscle toning experience that produces better long term results.

9 Wall Track Positions

The precision Wall Track allows the X1 to position at 9 different height selections, catering for all exercises and movements.  Whether you want to tone your arms, sculpt your legs or strengthen your chest the X1 has you covered.

And when you’re finished?  The X1 is easily removed from the Wall Track for convenient storage, leaving only the stylised track behind.

  • Install in the convenience of your own home

    No longer do you require a spare room to have functional exercise equipment, the X1 is so good it can be left on the wall or put away when not needed.

  • Engineered to last with over 1,000 hours in testing

    The X1 has been designed over a 3 year period by Australian and international engineers. Sporting a full metal casing the unit is engineered to last.

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