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Frequency Matters Most

How often women train has greater impact on strength building than increasing weights, which exercise they do or the variety of exercises.

An Australian, world-first review of data on women and resistance training has found the frequency of workouts had more impact on women's muscle development than factors including whether they were supervised and if they lifted to exhaustion point.

Frequency of workout, not type, has most impact on women's strength

The University of New South Wales paper, published in the journal, Sports Medicine, consolidated 24 resistance training studies involving nearly 1000 women.

Dr Mandy Hagstrom, lead author, lecturer in exercise science at UNSW Medicine and a weightlifter, said she decided to study resistance training and female bodies after discovering there was a lack of gender-specific research.

“I began reading the literature on muscle building and resistance training, and found that every study was based on males,” she said.

Dr Hagstrom and her team of three researchers found that the biggest strength improvements came from the number of days per week that women exercised, followed by the number of repetitions and sets completed.

The studies her team analysed were based on an average resistance training program which included three sets of 10 repetitions, three times per week for 15 weeks. The women participating in the programs were aged 18-50 and had varying fitness levels.

The women developed an average of 1.5kg of muscle mass and increased their muscular strength by one quarter over the duration of the programs – confirming that resistance training offers significant benefits.

Dr Hagstrom's advice to women wanting to build muscle power is: “Go to the gym and go consistently ... It doesn't necessarily matter what you do when you're in the gym, just that you’re there and exercise with effort."

She said there were many benefits of strength training for women's overall health: “Strength training has benefits that are inherently good for women, such as helping prevent or delay osteoporosis (a condition in which the density and quality of bone are reduced) something which women are more at risk of as they lose estrogen.”

We know it is difficult to get to the gym on a normal day, and in today's situation with gyms closed everywhere now has never been a better time to consider how you best workout at home.

Commercial cable machines are expensive, a logistical issue, ugly and take up a huge amount of space in your home. Not everyone has a dedicated room!

Resistance bands can be super dangerous and cause damage to your doors or furniture depending where you place them.

The space saving Adapt X1 Cable Trainer has been designed to enable strength training, muscle building and toning from the comfort of your own home.

With its sleek, inviting and easy to use design the X1 fits in effortlessly to a home and studio to support an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Home Fitness Re-imagined

Over a 3 year period Adapt has created, a resistance-based cable trainer that enables a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home.

How do we do it?

The X1 weighs just over 4kg yet can output the equivalent of 6 dumbbell weights in a package that takes up very little space on your wall.

We spent countless hours developing a world wide patented gas struct, gear and cable combination to deliver a world-first strut technology cable pulley gym.

The X1 takes up a fraction of the space of regular equipment and looks great in almost any environment

Compact, lightweight, innovative, adjustable, space-efficient, strong, sleek, and affordable, the Adapt X1 Cable Trainer puts over 50 unique exercises and over 100 combinations at your disposal. Absolutely ideal for a resistance-based routine, it mounts on the wall and takes up precious little room. Installation and removal is a breeze, as is switching between the different weight and height settings. Once you’re up and running, you can use the X1 for in-home strength exercises, muscle building, core development, cardio, cross-training, and even as part of your Pilates routine.

Adapt founder Myles Kelly developed the X1 with the direct purpose of putting a gym workout experience inside your home. However, don’t take that to mean you’ll be feeling cramped as you partake in a quality resistance-based routine. On the contrary, the X1’s minimalist profile blends right in with virtually any modern decor. The equipment can also be removed in a manner of seconds and conveniently stowed away for later use.

We have created a number of exercise videos, which are available on this site and YouTube, designed to yield maximum results.

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Immunity & Wellbeing from Resistance

We all want a healthy immune system, one that’s balanced. A balanced immune system is one that fights foreign invaders, like bacteria and viruses, without overreacting and damaging normal tissue, as happens with autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammation. A variety of factors can impact immune function.