ADAPT is an Australian Fitness Company creating innovative resistance equipment for home, clinic and studio.
ADAPT Founder Myles Kelly conceptualised innovating the strength category; moving away from bulky steel equipment into a world where space, convenience, functionality and aesthetics are valued.
ADAPT partnered with Cobalt Design, an award-winning Australian leader in industrial design.  The brief was to design a Full Body training system.  One that is light weight and takes up minimal real estate in home, studio, or clinic.  It needed to look inviting, sleek, perform seamlessly, be durable and affordable to our customers.
After a number of design iterations, prototypes, patent applications coupled with vigorous testing the ‘ADAPT Cable Trainer’ was finally realised and released to market in December 2019.
By employing patented gas strut technology and unique gearing technology the end result was a product that was able to achieve a 5:1 linear power output. A product that could be shipped easily and installed in the home or professional environment in record time.
Since launch, the ADAPT team has sold the Cable Trainer direct to customers around the world and via distributors into fitness studios and health clinics.  We’re grateful to our past and future customers for making the ADAPT Cable Trainer part of their strength and wellness regime.

Our vision is to bring the Cable Trainer to as many people as possible to allow everyone to benefit from a convenient, spacing saving strength workout. We hope you can join us on that journey!