Medical Clinical Physiotherapy


The ADAPT Cable Trainer provides all the benefits of Total Body Training and Rehabilitation while avoiding the bulk of weight-based machines. Its ultra-compact form is unobtrusive and has a level of sophistication allowing true
integration into any physio studio or clinical room.


Wall mounting frees up valuable floor space and positions the ADAPT unit so that it is both ‘out-of-the-way’ and ‘ready for use’. Size and mass are drastically reduced with the patented hydraulic gas-struts resistance, providing the
same force as cast-iron weights at 1/10 the mass. All touch points are intuitive and easy to use. The swivel head gives full cable extension in all directions, and select new exercises by sliding ADAPT up or down the wall track.


The 6 incremental weight selections from 2kg-13.5kg (5lbs-30lbs) featured in the ADAPT Cable Trainer cater for lighter weight toning and rehabilitation exercises up to complex movement patterns, isolated muscle strengthening and major muscle applications. This versatility is further extended by the 9 height positions across 1.5m (5ft) and the ability to REVERSE mount the unit to bring the cable exit almost to the floor.

Benefits include

  • Muscle testing
  • Movement pattern assessment
  • In-house program demonstration
  • Versatile exercise choice
  • Prehab / Rehab activity
  • Sports therapy conditioning


Care has been taken to ensure that the quality of the product far exceeds its price point. While weight minimisation has been an important design driver, internal construction is robust, with the principal parts produced in steel, die-
cast or extruded aluminium along with a small number of injection moulded parts. All materials used in moving parts have been subjected to extensive testing to ensure durability.

    The ADAPT Cable Trainer is a complete rethink of resistance training. It provides effective resistance at any extension and combines this with exceptional convenience in an ‘interior friendly’ design package.

    Its small size, ease of use and clean aesthetic combine with real performance; delivering a unique product to the rapidly growing fitness, physiotherapy and wellbeing sector.